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Akeno Project Vol 7.

A telepresence performance by Akeno, Marikki Hakola and Otna Eahket Band.A telepresence performance by Akeno, Marikki Hakola and Otna Eahket Band.
Experimental Featured Media Art Performance Telepresence Virtual Scenography Virtual Stage


The video work "Deadine" by Turppi Group presents the renewing powers of nature as the antithesis of the ideology of endless growth symbolized by urban environment. The black line of the work - deadline - is not in the end drawn between life and death, but between two opposite worldviews.

Experimental Featured Performance Video Art Visual Art

Earth Contacts

A video work by Turppi Group.A video work directed by Turppi Group.
Dance Film Experimental Performance Short Fiction Video Art Visual Art

Electronic Café

A virtual set for the television talk show designed by Miikka Kari and Jouni Lähteenaho.
Experimental Media Art Performance

Holy Men

A documentary directed by Raimo Uunila and Keijo Kivioja.
Documentary Experimental Performance

Mediascape – A Journey to a Media Landscape

A documentary directed by Marikki Hakola.
Documentary Experimental Media Art Performance


“I am a woman who flies. I am a woman who swims, because I can swim in the infinite.”
Mirages is a survival story told by a strong female voice. The music and dance film deals with questions around identity, empowerment and community belonging. The film combines performing arts and virtual scenography into an interdisciplinary experience. Mirages is directed by Marikki Hakola. Music is by Kaija Saariaho.

Animation Dance Film Experimental Featured Media Art Multimedia Music Film Music video Performance R&D Research and Development Short Fiction Video Art Virtual Scenography Virtual Stage VR/AR/XR


A live performance Motorgan at the 41. International Organ Festival, Lahti, Finland.
Media Art Music Film Performance Video Art

OD Overdose – Otto Donner Concert Relay

A Jazz concert relay directed by Patrick Oras. Music by Otto Donner.
Documentary Music Film Performance

Piipää Remix

A video work directed by Marikki Hakola. Music by Kaija Saariaho & Jean-Baptiste Barriére. The video work is based on the PIIPÄÄ performance.
Dance Film Experimental Media Art Music Film Performance Video Art Virtual Scenography Virtual Stage


A live concert with the film projection. Conductor Tuomas Hannikainen.
Experimental Music Film Performance

Tales from Frontiers

A live outdoor media performance by Marikki Hakola, Jarmo Vellonen, Epa Tamminen and Jone Takamäki.
Experimental Media Art Performance Video Art

Turppi-ryhmä • Turppi Group

The Exhibition of the Turppi Group at the EMMA museum, Espoo, Finland 15.6.-4.9.2016
Exhibition Experimental Media Art Performance Photography Video Art Visual Art