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Kulttuuri ja historia -projektit

Kroma Productions Oy tuottaa museoiden, tapoahtumien ja kulttuuriorganisaatioiden sisältöihin, historiaan ja kulttuurihistoriaan liittyviä multimediatuotantoja, videoita, streamauksia, televisio-ohjelmia ja tv-sarjoja. Näissä projekteissa on tilaajana ja asiakkaana mm. museoita, juhlatoimikuntia, televisioyhtiöitä, kuntia sekä koulutus- ja kulttuuri-organisaatioita.

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“I am a woman who flies. I am a woman who swims, because I can swim in the infinite.”
Mirages is a survival story told by a strong female voice. The music and dance film deals with questions around identity, empowerment and community belonging. The film combines performing arts and virtual scenography into an interdisciplinary experience. Mirages is directed by Marikki Hakola. Music is by Kaija Saariaho.

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Moloch – Earthly Gestures

MOLOCH is an interactive installation and a web art piece. The starting point of the work is a wall painting made by Mikael Toppelius in 1779 at the church of Haukipudas, The Last Judgment. This multimedia work invites the viewer to interpret the wild and rich pictorial narrative of the wall painting in a new manner. Interactive animation, music and auditive sound space transform delicately the content, levels of meaning and interpretation of this Baroque composition, raising ultimate questions about time, existence and human suffering.

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