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Ekenäs virtuella museum

A virtual museum for the Tammisaari Museum.
Multimedia Web Site

Europe of Tales

A web animation site for children consisting of European tales and legends.
Multimedia Web Site

Kulttuuri ja historia -projektit

Kroma Productions Oy tuottaa museoiden, tapoahtumien ja kulttuuriorganisaatioiden sisältöihin, historiaan ja kulttuurihistoriaan liittyviä multimediatuotantoja, videoita, streamauksia, televisio-ohjelmia ja tv-sarjoja. Näissä projekteissa on tilaajana ja asiakkaana mm. museoita, juhlatoimikuntia, televisioyhtiöitä, kuntia sekä koulutus- ja kulttuuri-organisaatioita.

Exhibition Featured Multimedia Printed Matter Research and Development TV series Virtual Stage VR/AR/XR Web Site

Linnajoen kaupunki

A web site and a multimedia work for the Porvoo Museum.
Multimedia Web Site

Moloch – Earthly Gestures

MOLOCH is an interactive installation and a web art piece. The starting point of the work is a wall painting made by Mikael Toppelius in 1779 at the church of Haukipudas, The Last Judgment. This multimedia work invites the viewer to interpret the wild and rich pictorial narrative of the wall painting in a new manner. Interactive animation, music and auditive sound space transform delicately the content, levels of meaning and interpretation of this Baroque composition, raising ultimate questions about time, existence and human suffering.

Animation Exhibition Experimental Featured Installation Media Art Multimedia R&D Research and Development Visual Art VR/AR/XR Web Art Web Site

The web site commissioned by the committee for the Pacius Bicentennial 2009.
Multimedia Web Site

A web site for the National Committee of the 200 Years Anniversary of J.L.Runeberg.
Multimedia Web Site

The Museum of Popular Music – Populaarimusiikin museo

Multimedia design for the Museum of Popular Music in Finland by Mika Tyyskä.
Multimedia Web Site

The Museum Portal of the Western Uusimaa

The Museum Portal of the Western Uusimaa directed by Liina Toiviainen.
Multimedia Web Site

The Secret World of Plants

Series of jingles for Nelonen.
Animation TV series Web Site

Treasure in Espoo

An interactive game and web site about the Medieval Espoo.
Multimedia Web Site

Triad Project

TRIAD is an art work to be seen on the Internet. It looks at the semiotic connections between dance, cinema and hypermedia from viewpoints of three different cultures.

Event Experimental Featured Installation Media Art Multimedia Performance R&D Research and Development Telepresence Transmedia Video Art Virtual Scenography Virtual Stage Visual Art Web Art Web Site

Ullan tarina – Ullas saga

A multimedia work for the Porvoo Museum.
Multimedia Web Site verkkosivustolla tutustutaan elokuvien ja televisio-ohjelmien virtuaaliseen lavastamiseen.

Featured Multimedia Research and Development Virtual Scenography Virtual Stage VR/AR/XR Web Site