KROMA Productions Ltd., founded on 1993, is an audiovisual and media art production company.  KROMA is specialized in producing art and culture content and services.

KROMA is a producer for over 100 films, documentaries, media art, animations, TV series, multimedia and web projects, installations, events and performances. Many of the productions are internationally awarded. 

It’s the people who make it!  KROMA has collaborated with hundreds of great directors, media artists, multimedia designers and film, television and performing arts professionals. 

The productions of KROMA have been shown, screened, broadcast and exhibited worldwide by various television channels, film theatres, film and media art festivals, art museums, galleries, DVD distribution, net channels, online archives, libraries, events and collections.The KROMA R&D research and development projects of the company focuses on new forms of moving image and virtual cinema.

KROMA is run by media artist, film director and producer Marikki Hakola. She is the executive producer of the company.

KROMA venues, including video and audio production suites and office, are located at the heart of the Porvoo Old Town.

Awards and Prizes People behind Kroma Productions