Genre: Music and Dance Film, Virtual Scenography
Duration: 50 min.
Production Year: 2021
Master Format: 4K / DCP
Audio:  5.1 / Stereo
Language: French, English
Subtitles: Finnish, Swedish, English, French
Kroma Productions

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MIRAGES is a music and dance film that combines performing arts and virtual scenography into an interdisciplinary experience. The visual world of Mirages is composed by using real-time virtual technology, wherein performers interact with motion-capture animations. Mirages is directed by media artist Marikki Hakola. The origin of MIRAGES lies in Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho’s contemporary music. The premiere of the film will take place in the fall of 2021.

Mirages is a survival story told by a strong female voice. The trilogy deals with questions around identity, empowerment, and community belonging. In the first part Instants, the protagonist has experienced the end of a close relationship. She recalls the different faces of love, and the multiple sensations of colors, feelings, and sentiments. The conflicting feelings of regret and longing gradually transition into memories. The second part Interplay tells of community and its dynamics. The interplay between the characters develops through improvisation. In the third part Infinity, the woman’s mind opens towards the audience. She recognizes her powers and the different aspects of her identity. She puts her powers to communal use.

The premiere of the Mirages film will take place in the fall of 2021.


Screenplay, Directing, Editing Marikki Hakola
Music Kaija Saariaho
Poems Amin Maalouf, Maria Sabina
Virtual Scenography Tanja Bastamow
Dance Choreography Johanna Nuutinen
Soprano Riikka Hakola
Piano Pami Karvonen
Cello Jan-Erik Gustafsson
Dancers Jonna Aaltonen, Jarkko Lehmus, Heidi Lehtoranta,
Johanna Nuutinen, Eero Vesterinen, Jussi Väänänen
Costume, Make-up Design Heli Salomaa
Director of Photography (Instants, Infinity) Mika Tertsunen
Director of Photography (Interplay) Petri Enbuske
Multi-Camera Supervisor  Taneli Haro
Sound Design Epa Tamminen
Producer Paula Pitkänen
Co-production Company StarHop Creative
In co-operation with Aalto Studios, Yle
Supported by SES, AVEK, MES, Taike, OKM, Kordelin, SKR
Executive Producer Marikki Hakola
Production Company Kroma Productions

Full credits & more information, please see the Mirages web site


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Animation Dance Film Experimental Featured Media Art Multimedia Music Film Music video Performance R&D Research and Development Short Fiction Video Art Virtual Scenography Virtual Stage VR/AR/XR