Director: Marikki Hakola
Duration: 20 min.
Production Year: 1993
Genre / Type: Video Art, Dance Video
Master Format: Beta SP PAL (4:3) / ProRes 422 HQ (16:9)
Audio: Stereo
Language: English
Distributors: Kroma Productions (sales, TV, online licensing)
AV-arkki (galleries, museums, events, festivals)
LUX London (galleries, museums, events, festivals)

TransVersum is available at the Yle Areena:

Hales Gallery London New York, Exhibition 26.7.-6.8.2016  Press Release

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TransVersum is based on the original stage choreography by Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo, called “Come Quickly for I’m seeing stars”. The theme of TransVersum is expressions of identity and sexuality. The story is is a growth process, a portrait of a persona in the post-industrial era, on a survival camp of the techno society.

Marikki Hakola about the TransVersum: “The stage dimensions and dancer´s movements have been transformed into the images and stories of lost identity, seeking love, seeking satisfaction. In TransVersum, I searched for a form, that expresses, how social habits have already transformed into different styles. And styles have become transmitters of the expressions and ways of life. I wanted to transform the stage dimensions and movements of dancers into the language of the electronic moving image. The image manipulation has an important and meaningful role as an articulator of the body language.”

Script, Direction & Editing: Marikki Hakola
Choreography: Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo
Dancers: Mikael Aaltonen, Pia Karaspuro, Michelle Levi, Maria Littow, Urmas Poolamets
Sound and Music: Marko Kataja, Epa Tamminen, Drostan Madden, Gustav Alenius
Camera: Raimo Uunila, Veli Granö
Lights: Kimmo Karjunen, Epa Tamminen
Stage Set Design: Marja Valtonen
Costumes: Jaakko Selin
Animation, Graphics: Milla Moilanen
Producer: Marikki Hakola
Production: Kaligari 1993

Color Correction 2016: Pasi Mäkelä / James Post
Audio Re-mastering 2016: Epa Tamminen / Kroma
Digital Re-Mastering Production: Marikki Hakola / Kroma Productions Ltd. 2016

Production categories

Dance Film Experimental Featured Video Art