The Perugian part of the six documentary film series Girls around the World

Director: Maria Barea
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 30 min. / 45 min.
Production Year: 1998
Master Format: DigiBeta
Audio:  Stereo
Distributor in Scandinavia: Kroma Productions Ltd.


“Daughters of War” documents the life of Gabriela, the leader of a girl gang and mother of a 7 month old daughter.Gabriela lives in Ayacucho, Peru, the former Maoist guerrilla stronghold ravaged by civil war in the 1980´s. Her mother mysteriously disappeared when Gabriela was five. She and her sister were passed to their Grandmother who didn´t want them. Violence, neglect and abuse drove Gabriela to the streets where survival meant fighting with knives and stealing. Her story is typical for the region where many children lost their parents to the civil war or the drug trade. Gabriela is leader of a gang of girls with similar histories. They have grown so used to violence and abuse that they no longer recognise when they are victims to it. Her daughter is named after her mother, Evila and is the only person Gabriela trusts. Original language: Spanish.

Script, Direction: Maria Barea
Camera: Sophie Maintignuex, Micaela Cajhuaringa
Sound: Rosa Maria Oliari
Editor: Stephan Sautter, Uwe Gebert
Lighting: Artemio RuizCo-production: Kroma Productions Ltd. (Finland), Karaba Productions (France)
In association with: ZDF/3sat, YLE TV1, Euroarts Entertainment, AVEK
Production: Trafik film 1998

Girls around the World 

“Daughters of War” is one of the six part documentary series GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD. It is a collection of extraordinary documentaries on seventeen-year-old girls across the globe. Each focuses on one girl – her hopes and dreams,world and worldview. Directed by local women filmmakers in Peru, Pakistan, Benin, China, Germany and Finland, a mosaic emerges that not only depicts the great diversity in the lives of these girls, but also embodies the perspectives of an international roster of contemporary female film makers. Production: Trafik Film (Germany), Kroma Productions (Finland), Karaba Productions (France) In association with: ZDF/3sat, YLE TV1, Euroarts Entertainment, AVEK.


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