Director: Antonia Ringbom  
Genre: Short film
Duration: 6 min. 30 sec.
Production Year: 2001
Master Format: DigiBeta
Audio:  Stereo
Language: No language
Distributors: Kroma Productions Ltd.

BARCAROLA is a cinematic boat journey based on music by Jean Sibelius and art of Ellen Thesleff. Both artists – Jean Sibelius and Ellen Thesleff – were inspired by the Finnish nature and both of them moved to cosmopolitan Europe by the change of centuries. Ellen Thesleff found her way to the Italian light. Jean Sibelius wrote Barcarola – a boat journey in Italian. They did not know each other. Now they have travelled in the same boat.

Script, direction: Antonia Ringbom
Photography: Pekka Uotila
Editing: Raimo Uunila
Graphic: Riku Makkonen
Colourist: Marko Terävä
Music: Jean Sibelius, Op.24
Record : Jean Sibelius / Works for piano, publisher Ondine
Piano: Ralf Gothoni
Co producer: YLE TV1 / FST
Producer: Sanna-Kaisa Hakkarainen / KROMA Productions Ltd. 2001

Production categories

Featured Short Fiction Visual Art