Uppo-Nalle ja Joulun odotus (orig. title)

Genre: TV-series in 24 parts (á 7 min.)

A Christmas Calendar for MTV Finland

Director: Päivi Takala

Production Year: 1995

Master Format: Beta SB PAL

Audio: Stereo




The year 1995 was dedicated to toleration. Upon this theme was created the series about Uppo-the-Bear, which is a familiar and famous character among children in Finland. In the series, Uppo-the-Bear is waiting for the Christmas and getting to know better children from foreign countries and different cultures e.g. through their games and plays. UNICEF being part of the production is a special significant actor when thinking of the theme of the series. Important part of the script is the possibility to present the humanitarian aims of UNICEF. Uppo-the-Bear also tells about the Finnish traditions related to Christmas time.



Direction: Päivi Takala

Script: Päivi Takala & Outi Rousu

The original idea of Uppo-The-Bear: Elina Karjalainen

Actor: Juha Laukkanen

Camera and Editing: Raimo Uunila

Sound Design: Puke Kataja, Antti Hytti

Producer: Outi Rousu

In co-operation with: UNICEF of Finland, MTV Ltd. / Tauno Äijälä

Vantaa International School Familia Club Society, The Cottage of Uppo-Nalle, Kuopio, Finland

Production: Kroma Productions Ltd. 1995



December 1st to 24th, 1995 / MTV Finnish Broadcasting Company