Porvoon kaupunkitarinoita 1-4
(orig. title in Finnish) 

Borgå stadens sägner 1-4
(Orig. title in Swedish)

Production Year: 2007
Genre:  Multimedia
Audio Master Format:  Audio Aiff stereo
Languages: Finnish / Swedish

Synopsis & Credits
The Porvoo City Stories is a series of four history-themed miniature audio plays. The Porvoo City Museum experts have compiled data for the starting point of script writing. Audio plays are written and directed by Marikki Hakola. Sound designer Epa Tamminen, in voice roles Tove Hagman and Stefan Paavola. Audio plays have been carried out in Finnish and Swedish languages. Swedish translation is by Markus Sandberg. Production Kroma Productions Oy 2007.

Part 1.  The Majesty Crime of the Customs Inspector Lönnroth
During the Gustav’s War in the spring 1789 soldiers arrested heavily drunked customs inspector Johan Lönnroth, who gave an offensive statement about the King…

Part 2.  Typhus Fever  (Mätäkuume  / Rötfeber)
The city of Porvoo was packed full with the military force during the Gustav’s War (1788-90). The dangerous Typhus Fever epidemic broke out in the city, and increased mortality dramatically…

Part 3.  Porvoo Bourgeois Guard Story
Porvoo Bourgeois Guard – the  tradesmen of the city – wanted to organize a handsome welcome reception for the King Gustav III during his visit to Porvoo in 1775. The visit, however, had an embarrassing ending…

Part 4.  Cantor Gottsmans Garden
French philosopher Rousseau’s ideas about nature was studied even in Porvoo City.  Noble citizens began to be build up gardens and gazebos…