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The Premiere Gala in Finland
17th November 2005
Bio Rex, The Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre,

Festival screenings 2007
Prix Visionica, Int´l competition for creative TV, Wroclaw, Poland

Festival screenings 2006
ITF Golden Prague, Czech Republik

Banff World Television Awards, Hors Concours -screening, Banff, Canada

Banff Definition - Digital Media Festival, Banff, Canada
- Honorable mention in the Shorts category

DFA Dance on Camera Festival /individual screenings, New York, USA

Tanssin päivä - Day of Dance, Oulu Film Centre, Finland

Tanssivirtaa - Danceflow, Tampere, Finland

VIEW 2006, Helsinki, Finland

Festival screenings 2005
Cartes Flux , 2nd December,
Espoo, Finland

Kettupäivät ( Foxdays ), 9-13 November,
Helsinki, Finland

CLONE Digital Film Festival, 11-12 November,
Hämeenlinna, Finland

Television broadcasts

Butterfly Lovers will be broadcasted at the YLE TV1
and YLE Teema on year 2006.


Jokikatu 10, 06100 Porvoo, Finland
www.kroma.fi, kroma@kroma.fi