"The Bewitched Child" (dur. 47´) is a fantasy film for the whole family. The story follows how a small child faces the strange consequences of his thoughtless and mean deeds.
  The dance and music film is based on the miniature opera by Maurice Ravel. The script, direction and production of the film is made by Marikki Hakola. The virtual set design and visualisation is realized by Katriina Ilmaranta, photography by Raimo Uunila, Shake compositing by Sami Haartemo and sound design by Epa Tamminen.

In the main role is young Mikael Kivimäki. In other roles are the dancers Alpo Aaltokoski, Nina Hyvärinen, Aki Suzuki, Jyrki Karttunen, Sampo Kivelä, Anne Koutonen, Miguel Verdecia, Soila Grenot, Teemu Korjuslommi and Step Up Kids. Armin Jordan conducts the Suisse Romande orchestra and chorus. The vocalists are Colette Alliot-Lucaz, Arlette Chedel, Elisabeth Vidal, Audrey Michael, Isabel Garcisanz, Michel Sénéchal, Michel Brodard and Philippe Huttenlocher.

"The Bewitched Child" is the first Finnish film where the set design is produced by using new virtual technology following camera movements. The digital film has totally been shot in a blue studio. Live performers have been joined together with visual stages realized by computer graphics and 3D animation. The staging of the film is a research project of a digital and virtual set design of the University of Art and Design, Helsinki and the artistic part of the doctoral thesis of Katriina Ilmaranta. The main object of the research is to utilize the new digital set design technology in practice among the present film and television industry.

The original language of "The Bewitched Child" is French and the subtitles are in Finnish and in English.
Age limit  7.
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