The name Otna Eahket sprung from the mind of Jone Takamäki. The name is laplandish or saame and means "tonight".

Antti Hytti, bass. Born 1950. composer, musician, sound designer, film director, lecturer lives in Porvoo, Finland

- at Sibelius Academy 1970-74, diploma: bass


- spesialised in contemporary jazz
- leader of the various contemporary jazz ensembles
- musician (acoustic bass) at various jazz ensambles as Edward Vesala, Piirpauke, Tomasz Stanko, Hasse Walli
- runs the sound studio ÔMangtoneÕ at Magnusborg Studios in Porvoo, Finland since 1987
-founding member of Otna Eahket, 1997

- composer : music for 20 finnish feature films and several short films since 1979
- designer of sound ambients and sound effects for various short films and documentaries since 1979
- producer of the feature film 'Jon' by Jaakko Pyhälä (1981)
- director of the documentary 'The Ice Goers' (1995)

Sound design
- head of department of sound design at Theatre Academy, Finland since 1990

- composer of a stage music during 70« for contemprorary theatre group Pete Q (present title: Ryhmäteatteri).

Jone Takamäki, saxophone.

Jone Takamäki has been making music for several films, theater plays, dance performances since early eighties. He has also played in several music recordings and soundtracks. Takamäki is also an actor. He studied in Theater Academy of Finland 1979 -83 and has been involved with several theater, radio and movie plays and films as an actor.

Hytti- Lievonen octet 1982
Himalaya Band 1975 -79
Tapio -Takamäki Quintet 1991
Terapia 1977 -79 ( Make Lievonen, Samppa Salmi )
Jone Takamäki trio 1980 -82 (Antti Hytti, Samppa Salmi)
ANA kvartetti 1981 -82 (Hytti, Nekljudow, Näsman)
Roommushklahn 1983 -85 (Hytti, Björkenheim, Nekljudow, Savolainen)
Koiton Laulu -ensemble 1979 -80
Tapiola bigband 1977 -79
IMU -ensemble 1984 (Hytti, Lievonen, Nekljudow, Björkenheim, Savolainen, Kesti, Lahti, Riikonen, Tuominen)
Sound&Fury; 1983-89 (studying)
Krakatau 1990 -96 (Forsman, Nekljudow, Kätkä, Isopuro, Bjökenheim, Krokfors )
Krakatau + Senegalilean drummers (Yamar Thiam, Pape Sarr, Libas Sall.... )
Pave Maijanen 1986 Albert Järvinen 1987 (recording)
Sleepy Sleepers (Leningrad Cowboys) 1986 -88
Maukka perusjätkä 1979 -80
Hanoi Rocks -83 (Kaustinen)-Music for Akeno's performance in Alexandertheater, Helsinki with Antti Hytti 1997
Music for Pre Kalevala with Antti Hytti 1997
Otna Eahket (Hytti, Nekljudow)1997-

Tom Nekljudow, percussionist. Born 1960.

In kindergarten and in my first school-years I listened mostly to calypso and african music. When I was around fourteen-fifteen I was heavily into Mc Coy Tyner and the Miles Davis Quintet of the 60's, and from there moved on to even freer forms after hearing Edward Vesala, Arild Andersen, Tomas Stanko and those guys. It's really no use to try to name all the various projects I have been involved in, especially as they are pretty much the same ones as Jone and Antti have been in also. The only difference might be that I have also spent a lot of time trying to get as much to the core as possible with more traditional and rigid musical forms such as Rhythm and blues, salsa, jamaican music and traditional jazz. I have also made various trips around the world to widen my scope. To sum it all up, my sights and sounds are set on wider horizons.

PP Kortelainen, Sound Master

PP Kortelainen is a sound mixer deLuxe of Otna Eahket band.

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