Mikael Aleksander Kivimäki was born in Helsinki on 24th August, 1993. He lived in Puotinharju until he was 5 years old and then moved to Länsimäki, Vantaa.

Nowadays he is in the fifth class in the school of Pallastunturitie, in Länsimäki.

In the year 2001 Mikael first tried the dance course for boys in Vantaa Dance Institute.

After first time his decision was clear – he will go on dancing. During the first year  the class get to know the basics of e.g. modern dance, capoeira, acrobatics and theater. At the moment Mikael is taking lessons two times a week, on Mondays modern dance and on Saturdays acrobatics and theater.

In June 2003 the teacher of his dance course told Mikael that there will be an audition for  a film ”Lumottu lapsi ” at the premises of Vantaa Dance Institute. A ten-year-old-boy was searched for the main role. After discussed with his parents he decided to try his luck. A week after audition the director Marikki Hakola called and told that Mikael was selected. Shootings were made in August and  October, 2003.

The role had such an effect on Mikael that he wanted to continue with acting. In the autumn 2004 two schools accepted him; Annantalo Arts Center and The Theaterschool of Tikkurila (Tikkurilan teatterikoulu). He also got the voice role of Dash ( ”Esa” ) in an animation film ”The Incredibles”. During September 2004 Mikael is playing in a short film ”Path” (”Polku”) written and directed by his aunt Carina Chela. ”Path” is a story about friendship between a ten-year-old-boy and an old man.

In his free time Mikael likes to create adventure stories by writing and drawing. He also reeds a lot, his favourites are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Some time need computer games and movies too.